Friday, March 30, 2012

April Showers!

Say they bring May flowers...  The weather in Indy is beautiful these days.  Spring has sprung!  I should be in an a good mood on overdrive.  But I'm in a rut and feel as if I've dug myself into a hole...not sure how to climb out.  Lots to do and I'm not sure where to start.  April is jam pakced: I'm planning a baby shower, my oldest son is being confirmed, and my youngest son is making his first communion.  Sprinkle in a few birthdays and top it off with THE MINI on May 5th -  sends my head spinning.  The Mini is 5 weeks away and my running has stalled.  I can trace the start of my demise back to my struggling performance at a 10K training session about a month ago.  This race was my first lone performance - and my time was way off from where it was a year before. My running partner, my sister, is pregnant.  So the race was lonely and I might have been okay if I were better prepared or more realistic about my finishing time.  But here I am in a running rut, shifting my focus from finishing the mini in a solid 2 hours to just finishing...that does not sit well with me...but it will have to do.  Stay tuned.