Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Starting My Blog

So I've decided to start blogging...I'm not sure why, or even who would ever be interested, but nonetheless; here I am...a thought occurred to me recently...once you pass, where does one go to memorialize you as a person?  Facebook? I hope not...that seems kind of discounted in a way.

My late paternal grandmother, Dolly, liked to write in the local city newspaper from time to time.  I wish I had a compilation of her pieces.  It really does not matter what they were about.  Maybe that is what this will turn out to be; a collection of who I am saved for my children, and the generations that follow them...

I'm not an English major nor did "hooked on phonics" work for me, but that isn't what it is about...

I'm really into movtivational & inspirational things, like quotes and if I share nothing else but those from time to time, so be it.  My fav quote that I read today was:

Today you are you,
that is truer than true,
There is no one alive
Who is Youer than You.
--Dr. Suess